1 Billionth iPhone – Top 3 reasons how Apple made it

1 Billionth iPhone – A Dream, even Apple never Anticipated Ever since the Apple’s iconic device, iPhone was released in 2007, it had become the most sold product in the planet surpassing even the Rubik cubes which once held the record of most selling product. Apple itself wouldn’t have anticipated hitting such an incredible target… Continue reading 1 Billionth iPhone – Top 3 reasons how Apple made it

Hiring SEO Expert

Hiring SEO Expert !!!   With the growth of internet and mobile users, the way business happens has dramatically changed with worldwide implications, especially during the past few years. Digital marketing plays a major role in the way business happens in the current scenario. This being the case, many Digital Marketing Agencies have mushroomed of late.… Continue reading Hiring SEO Expert

Physical Stress

Physical stress is the one which are caused by  the disability due to trauma , burns, sports injuries etc. Physical stress can be cured easily by various treatments. In yogic point of view, physical stress is the one which leads to the psychological stress. So it is mandatory that the physical health is taken care.

Lonely Moon

I wrote this  when i was studying in my 11th standard.  This was my first attempt to write in English.   How are you ..? Here I am too Like the moon Ill be lonely soon In the noon With my spoon I pick my bowl With your thoughts I haul You are my life , i adore… Continue reading Lonely Moon

Need for a Computer

It is utmost necessary that we all know the need of a thing that we possess. For instance, every one can clearly define the need for a motor cycle because it is specifically designed for the purpose of locomotion. Where as, when we consider a computer, it has got umpteen number of features and that… Continue reading Need for a Computer

Stress !!!

In the present world of technology, stress is one of the major problems which is to be certainly addressed. Stress might seem to be a simple problem but if it is not taken care, will lead to devastating consequences. Stress can be generally classified into three major types, PHYSICAL,PHYSIOLOGICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL.