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Lonely Moon

I wrote this  when i was studying in my 11th standard.  This was my first attempt to write in English.


How are you ..?

Here I am too

Like the moon

Ill be lonely soon

In the noon

With my spoon

I pick my bowl

With your thoughts I haul

You are my life , i adore you my wife

On thy lap i lie, to reach out of the sky

Without thee , in a real time you see

The dreadful bee and withering me

Are same and are of no fame

I’ll wait for thee , but death awaits for me see

Come come come to adore me

Or take my life along with thee


Just come here just to bid me bye

Or come at least when i die

                                                                            – Fazulul Rahman N


Need for a Computer

It is utmost necessary that we all know the need of a thing that we possess. For instance, every one can clearly define the need for a motor cycle because it is specifically designed for the purpose of locomotion. Where as, when we consider a computer, it has got umpteen number of features and that make us confounding about its usage. To address this issue and to exploit resources provided by a computer, one should have a very clear understanding about the functionality and possess clear goals about, what are the things that one wants from a computer ?
Further to provide a clear idea, let us classify the need for a computer, i.e. Why do we use a computer ? The major reason why we use a computer can be broadly classified into,

  • Profession – (Official activities like e-mail communication, documenting, accounting , programming , multimedia editing , designing  etc…)
  • Personal -(Personal finance accounting, surfing, online purchase, communicating with friends, work with their avocation, social networking etc… )
  • Learning– (Online journal, news reading, educational videos, learning tutorials, Wikipedia , experimenting with various tools etc…)
  • Entertainment – ( Playing games, listening to music, watching movies, viewing photographic images etc… )
  • Storage – (Of course we have migrated to digital storage and have got piles of data to store and retrieve every day)

Here i recommend the new computer users to list out their need for a computer. So once we become clear about the need for the computer, we next move on to software that will accomplish those tasks effectively , because computers generally  come loaded with very basic software that do most of the generalized work. In order to accomplish the specific and extensive tasks like accounting or designing or stock market trading, etc… , there are specialized software available in the market both for free as well as paid .

In the next post on computers category ill suggest the best software for each and every specific domains.


My Philosophy My Quote

Jack of all trades…

We have come come across this quote very often,

Jack of all trades is master of none.

In this present world, to sustain the competition and to surge forward one needs to have a bunch of talents. For instance one needs to know computers irrespective of his career which he opts, one should know driving , should know to communicate in English,  etc . . . this list counts and goes on. It is also mandatory that a person needs to be a master of  one particular field and he should excel in it. Pondering on this fact, i have come up with a quote..,

Being jack of all trades is not a crime , provided you are a master of ONE.