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We have come come across this quote very often,

Jack of all trades is master of none.

In this present world, to sustain the competition and to surge forward one needs to have a bunch of talents. For instance one needs to know computers irrespective of his career which he opts, one should know ticketwatches driving , should know to communicate in English,  etc . . . this list counts and goes on. It is also mandatory that a person needs to be a master of  one particular field and he should excel in it. Pondering on this fact, i have come up with a quote..,

Being jack of all trades is not a crime , provided you are a master of ONE.



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  • Kowshikan

    January 3, 2013 - 11:15 am

    People including me normally waste their time by doing multiple stuffs and at the end of the day we are unable satisfy our self’s even with a single thing we did. The reason behind is we are unable to tackle everything at the same time even though we have great interest and passion towards lot of things. I thoroughly accept the quote “Being jack of all trades is not a crime , provided you are a master of ONE.”. So its not a crime to have lots of passion and interest. But before that the most important question we have to ask our self is “whether we have a field in which we are a master and will it help us through out our life even if we fail in anything in our life”. If the answer is YES then we are free to be jack of all trades. Nice thought and expecting more things similar and also different from you. Thank you.:)

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