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Dear visitor., this is my personal website. I write this first post on my 25th birthday.

This is the only place where i can express myself to the full.

I express my views, share my happenings, comment about facts and convey my ideas in this website ., I write many things about me and my fellow beings around me, you might be an another fellow mate i have mentioned about. You may find this site useful in some ways, in the least case you will learn about, how you shouldn’t have/wield a website. If your opinions differ from my perspective, you are free to press CTRL + W any moment.

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  • Nazma

    January 8, 2013 - 6:55 pm

    I never knew you are such a good designer.. These stuffs weren’t surprising, coz by some way or other I know about few of these.. And by the way a great attempt.. “Its is better that you have started this now than never”.. Expecting that you would open the “tamil” column at the earliest 🙂

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