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1 Billionth iPhone – Top 3 reasons how Apple made it

1 Billionth iPhone – A Dream, even Apple never Anticipated

1 Billion iPhones Sold
Apple sold 1 Billion iPhones and makes a record

Ever since the Apple’s iconic device, iPhone was released in 2007, it had become the most sold product in the planet surpassing even the Rubik cubes which once held the record of most selling product. Apple itself wouldn’t have anticipated hitting such an incredible target 9 years back – 1 Billionth iPhone.

Since its release in 2007, Apple has rolled out various models in the series and even before a decade is over, it had sold its one billionth phone, setting a record tough to break for anybody. (If you take into account the unofficial Chinese versions of the phone sold, it would add significantly to the count)

Hard to imagine the numbers? Just dwell in the magnificence of Milky Way galaxy for a moment. It is said to have 100 billion stars! Think how it is for Apple to have sold 1% of the total number of stars in this galaxy? That’s tremendous. Isn’t it? No wonder Apple made it to their 1 billionth phone.

Wondering how many zeros a billion would have? Here it is.

More interesting is that Apple just has 18% of the smartphone market, comparing it to 74% of what Android has. How was Apple able to write a success story so phenomenal just holding a small slice of the market? With a mere 18% of the smartphone market, it takes 92% of the smartphone profits globally. That’s impressive. With the fact that Apple’s profits are higher than the GDP of some countries (including that of HongKong), one can just imagine the magnitude of their profits and all those crazy people behind Apple’s gadgets after selling its 1 Billionth iPhone.

Though most of the profits are contributed to the high price tag of iPhones ($624 per device on average), what made these many people buy the device at such a high price tag?. Or if you put this question the other way round: What makes so many people almost addicted to the device, nearly ignoring the price tag? The success of Apple as a brand lies in finding an answer to this question.

So, what made Apple so successful? What made Apple the most valuable company in the world? Here are the top 3 reasons what made Apple place its golden imprints in the history of corporations and also in the history of 21st century too. There are certainly other reasons too, but these are the ones every company should take lessons.

  1.  Keeping the end user always in mind:

Apple always keeps the end user in mind while working on a product. A product which one can’t live without. Apple engineers who create the product, actually make it for themselves. So they know what they need. Moreover, their products have always been easy to use and they don’t confuse the customers with unlimited variations/models of the same product. Keeping it simple and straight for the comfort of the customer. If you have ever been into an Apple store you will feel the difference. The in-store experience you take with you when you leave added with an exceptional customer support is again something Apple delivered with the customer in mind. Always keeping in mind the customer and the genius technical brains – those product developers – being themselves a customer for their products should be the top secret to Apple’s success.

  1.  Thinking years ahead – may be a mantra for selling its 1 Billionth iPhone

Whether it is design or the features or the ease of use, Apple stays miles ahead of the competition. Apple always comes up with a product at least 2 years ahead. (If not ‘Light Years Ahead’ as their slogan goes). This is something their competitors are finding hard to beat. That is, an iPhone released today in the market would have been designed and ready 2 years back! Apple always thinks about the future when it comes to designing life changing gadgets, whether it is an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac or whatever this holds true.

  1.  Only attempt if they can make it better:

It would be surprising to know the fact that Apple has never invented any product in the past decade. Whether it is iPod, iPad or the iPhone it is a re-invention of an already existing product. They took a product already in place and made it far better that nobody else could think of, even the original inventors. Apple has a practice of taking up things, only if they strongly believe that they can make it better beyond anybody’s imagination.  Else they wouldn’t even attempt.

Under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple has grown to limits that even Steve Jobs himself wouldn’t have expected. However, Steve is right in deciding his successor just a couple of weeks prior to his death. Cook has proved that Steve made the right choice.

It’s not yet certain to what heights Cook can take Apple without Steve Jobs. The company is yet to have a breakthrough innovation which Steve is always passionate about. Adding to that gloom, Apple has reported a declining sale of iPhones in the last quarter but however, Cook is trying to reverse this rare decline that has happened. We are not sure if Cook will succeed, but Apple as a brand is sure to take it and win the race with iPhone 7 launch fever already hitting the streets. After all, Apple is still the biggest company in the world by market capitalization.

Celebrating of the selling of  1 Billionth iPhone.

1 billionth iphone

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